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Ответ: Ресурс для нашей разработки MidletPascal

Не знаю, удобно ли приводить личную переписку.. Надеюсь Niksa Orlic не будет против, вроде никаких сикретов тут нет.

We, the Russians and ex-USSR MIDlet Pascal community Boolean.name ( http://forum.boolean.name/forumdisplay.php?f=46), address this petition to Mr. Niksa Orlic – creator of MIDletPascal computer language. We request Mr. Niksa to release the source code for this language for public domain, thereby making it freely available for non-commercial use. We (the undersigned) do not intend to use this source code for commercial purposes. Also, all original names of developers could be saved.

Many people around the world continue to use this programming language to start learning programming for mobile devices. We (the undersigned) would like to see it improved for better usage in the future. There are some aspects that we would like to modify in this programming language. We particularly wish to add some J2ME 2.0 features, more functions and more libraries to make it more compatible with modern mobile devices.

We are a large, active and growing programming community. We create games and programs that still use MIDlet Pascal. All we ask from Mr. Niksa is an acknowledgement of our efforts and a straightforward and definitive Yes or No regarding the release of the source code.


pilgrim – developer addition libraries for MIDlet Pascal
odd – addition libraries, software developer
tronix – software developer, libraries
and all people of our community ( http://forum.boolean.name)
Niksa Orlic:
Dear Sergey,

I am very happy that there is such a large group of active MIDletPascal users. And, although I don't have the time to maintain MIDletPascal, I would be very glad if MIDletPascal would continue to grow. For that reason, over a year ago I gave the source code to Mr. Alessandro (Alex) Montoli, as he and another guy were willing to continue development. I gave him the source codes completely free, under agreement that he keeps MIDletPascal free to all users. I haven't heard from Alex after that, and I was unable to find any new update of MIDletPascal that would be released by Alex.

I will write to Alex to ask him if he has MIDletPascal update ready; if he dropped the project, I will gladly release the source code to the public. But if Alex is planning to release an update soon, then he will be in charge of all future MIDletPascal development, and you should direct your requests to him.

Also, before publishing MIDletPascal as open-source, I would want someone to promise me to take over MIDletPascal. I really do not have any time to dedicate to MIDletPascal; I don't even have the time to manage the project at sourceforge. So someone, with knowledge of C and Java programming will be given all sources from me, and then that person should set up project at sourceforge and be in charge of all future development.

Best regards,
Dear Mr. Niksa, thank you for replay so much. It’s important for us.

We know that you gave sources to Mr. Alessandro (Alex) Montoli over a year ago. We read
about that at Midlet Pascal’s forum http://midletpascal.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4235 (unfortunately don’t accessible now). He promised to put all the source code to the network a few days, as sourceforge project, but disappeared. Unfortunately, we do not know his contact e-mail, or something else. We also unable to find any new update of MIDletPascal that would be released by Alex or somebody else, at the sourceforge, google code or just google. Therefore, we expect that you will get at some response from Alex.

If Alex doesn’t respond, we can setup MIDlet Pascal project at sourceforge, and we promise to continue development it. In our community we have C and Java coders. If MIDlet Pascal obtains at the sourceforge, we can development it with all our community. Also, I think, many people, who can help as at the World.

If you have any news from Alex, report me please.

PS: Sorry for my bad English.

With best regards,
Niksa Orlic:
Dear Sergey,

I have contacted Alex, and he agreed that I release MIDletPascal
source code to you. I will be sending you the same emails that I sent
to Alex.

I must admit that the source code is ugly, but it was written few
years ago when I was still an unexperienced programmer. Sorry about

Best regards,
Далее следуют письма с сорцами, и описания каждых архивов. Я собрал их все вместе в файле readme.txt. Ну и в конце я просто сказал спасибо:
Dear Niksa,

Thank you for source codes of MIDletPascal so much. In the near future we setup this at sourceforge and
begin development that. If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions in future, you can write me at
this e-mail, or just write to our community http://forum.boolean.name/forumdisplay.php?f=46 at English.
Thanks a lot.

With best regards,
all our Boolean.name community
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