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Сообщение от Mark Sibly
Hello Patrons,

Yikes, that was quick! Patreon has hit the $1000/month mark so a 3d module for monkey2 is now my number one priority! Which is both exciting and a bit scary...

This doesn't mean I wont be doing *anything* else of course - I'll still be fixing bugs, implementing 'urgent' stuff as it pops up and so on. In fact, things should be just same as when I've been working on mojo 2d, or reflection etc in the past, only this time a 3d module should appear after a time of wonderment!

Please stay tuned to the monkey2 blog for more information on what the 3d module will actually do, but I'm broadly thinking of something simple, blitz3d-like, with easy to use physics, networking (eventually, maybe next goal?) and that runs on a wide-ish range of hardware. And will hopefully produce really cool results of course!

Finally, thanks to everyone who joined up, or bumped their contribution, or even just stayed on board for the ride to help get a 3d module happening.

3d module is coming...
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