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Как создать Dll?

Покажите пожалуйста код создание dll? Например функция Text или другую какую нибудь?
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Re: Как создать Dll?

Создание и использование DLL (Microsoft Visual C++)
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Как создать Dll

Я бы сказал ниче, ну не все, вобщем неплохо
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Ответ: Как создать Dll?

для блица -
New DLL interface spec

There is now a directory in the root blitzpath called 'userlibs'.

By adding DLLs and '.decls' files to this directory, you can extend blitz's command set.

DLLs contain actually library code, while .decls files contain 'declarations' to be added to the
base command set. These declarations describe the functions contained in the Dll.

Format of decls files

Decls files should always start with a '.lib' directive, followed by the quoted name of the DLL to be
loaded, eg:

.lib "mylib.dll"

Following the .lib is a list of function declarations. The syntax of these is identical to
function declarations in Blitz, with the following exceptions:

* No default parameter values are allowed.

* If no function return type is specified, the function is a 'void' function - ie: it returns nothing.

* Instead of object parameters, you can only specify 'void*' parameters using a '*' type tag. Such
parameters can be assigned ANY object or bank, so BE CAREFUL!

* A declaration may be optionally followed by a 'decorated name'. This takes the form of a ':'
followed by a quoted string denoting the decorated name, eg:

MyFunction( text$ ):"_MyFunction@4"
MessageBox%( hwnd,text$,title$,style ):"MessageBoxA"

The decorated name is the name of the function as it appears in the dll, and only needs to be
specified if it is different from the actual function name.

Writing DLLs

All functions MUST use the _stdcall calling convention.

Floats are passed and returned as per standard C/C++ conventions.

Strings are passed and returned in 'C' format - ie: a pointer to a null-terminated sequence of

Returned strings must be in a 'static' memory buffer. Once the function returns, this string is
immediately copied into an internal Blitz style string, so its OK to share this buffer between
multiple functions.

Both banks and objects can be passed to functions. The value passed is the address of the first byte
of storage. No information is sent regarding the size or type of memory passed so, again, BE CAREFUL!

Neither Banks or objects can be returned from functions.

Arrays are not supported at all.

VisualC decorates symbols quite heavily! If you are coding in 'C', the necessary stdcall specifier
will cause a '_' to be prepended, and a '@' (followed by the number of bytes passed to the function
- ie: number of parameters*4) to be appended. So, something like: 'void _stdcall MyFunc( int x )'
will end up as '_MyFunc@4'. In C++, the name decoration is even messier! But you can supress it by
using the 'extern "C"' feature (see examples below) so you're just left with the 'C' stdcall mess.

Other languages such as Delphi and Purebasic don't appear to suffer from this feature, but it can be
worthwhile looking through dll symbols if you're having problems. Check out PEview at
http://www.magma.ca/~wjr Open your dll and select 'SECTION .rdata'/'EXPORT address table'
to have a look at the exported symbols your compiler has seen fit to bestow upon your dll.


Ok, here's a little C++ example, as it would appear in VisualC.

First, we write the DLL:

#include <math.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

#define BBDECL extern "C" _declspec(dllexport)
#define BBCALL _stdcall

//returns a float and has 6 float parameters
BBDECL float BBCALL VecDistance( float x1,float y1,float z1,float x2,float y2,float z2 ){
float dx=x1-x2,dy=y1-y2,dz=z1-z2;
return sqrtf( dx*dx+dy*dy+dz*dz );

//returns a string and has one string parameter
BBDECL const char * BBCALL ShuffleString( const char *str ){
static char *_buf;

int sz=strlen(str);

delete[] _buf;
_buf=new char[ sz+1 ];
strcpy( _buf,str );

for( int k=0;k<sz;++k ){
int n=rand()%sz;
int t=_buf[k];_buf[k]=_buf[n];_buf[n]=t;

return _buf;
After building this, the resultant 'demo.dll' should be placed in the userlibs directory.

Now, we also need to create a 'demo.decls' file, describing the functions in our dll. This file
is also placed in the userlibs directory:

.lib "demo.dll"
VecDistance#( x1#,y1#,z1#,x2#,y2#,z2# ):"_VecDistance@24"
ShuffleString$( str$ ):"_ShuffleString@4"

...Voila! The next time Blitz is started up, the new commands appear within the IDE and can be used.

Munigas бот ?
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Счастье Ответ: Как создать Dll?

Сообщение от pipns Посмотреть сообщение
Покажите пожалуйста код создание dll? Например функция Text или другую какую нибудь?
я для GML делал dll в delphi и то нужно читать специальный хелп
Мой сайт : http://lavr-studio.ucoz.ru/
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